Flamingo Version 0.1.0
Jul 29, 2015
1 minute read


Flamingo has reached version v0.1.0.

Don’t be fooled by the version number. Most of the needed functionality is in-place tested and documented. There are still much to do. For Atomic Host these issues can be overcome. The current status of the project is as follows:


  • User & Group Creation
  • Custom Script & Command Execution at Boot
  • Configuring Authorized SSH Keys for a User/Users
  • Interfacing with systemd to Manage Units.
  • Interfacing with iptables to Manage Firewall Rules.
  • Google Compute Engine Metadata Service Support
  • OpenStack Metadata Service Support (Cloud-Drive Support is coming as well)
  • A Subset of Cloud-Config user-data is supported

What to Expect

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute Support
  • Package Management
  • Disk Volume Management

How to Get the Release?

You can get the statically linked release from releases. Also, the RPM will be available very soon for building custom images.

You can also build the source from the repository and use the provided binaries for test/build/install purposes.

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